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Skid Resistance Surveys

Skid Resistance Surveys

Saber operates a WDM built, but TRL powered Sideways-force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine to measure the skidding resistance of the highway surface.

Our SCRIM survey is unique in that data is spatially fitted to the network, not manually fitted by potentially inaccurate node positions and network lengths. Saber’s SCRIM is also fully cloud based enabling data to be accessed online much faster than by traditional methods.

Saber also operates a GripTester, the world’s leading trailer-based continuous friction measurement device, and a Pendulum Skid Tester to record site specific skid resistance measurements and investigatory levels.

Saber is the only company to offer a solution for the real-time display of skid resistance data with its SKIDAnalyser software and Web Server.

“We undertake audits on all survey work and have found a consistently high level of accuracy with the data delivered by Saber.”
David Kitt, Highway Information & Pavement Manager, West Sussex County Council