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Developed by Saber, SKIDAnalyser is an innovative cloud-based solution for the analysis of skid resistance data.  

Is is the only system that can give access to survey data within 24 hours of collection, SKIDAnalyser is a huge safety tool that enables important decisions about network safety to be made quickly.

SKIDAnalyser incorporates a range of useful functionality including:

Instant snapshot of network condition colour coded by multiple tables such as:-

  • Difference between Skid Value and Investigatory Value
  • Raw Skid Value banded by user defibed bandwidths
  • Intervention Levels
  • Accident data
  • Site investigations (and a iPAD app to carry out site investigations with instant link to the SKIDAnalyser server)

For ease of use SCRIM Analyser is displayed using the easy to use Google Map interface.