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Since its launch in 2010, ReGen has developed into the most popular data collection software both for the private and public sector in the UK and even into Europe.

Essentially ReGen is a suite of three programs for survey management, data collection and data optimisation solutions.

All Saber survey clients have free access to ReGen during the data collection cycle to give an instant snapshot of survey progress and the condition of the network. After the survey ReGen allows an optimisation of the data to find the deterioration hot-spots.

As a cloud-based solution there is no software to install and no licences to restrict access.

Using ReGen users can:

Monitor Progress – see the coverage unfold on a simple Google Map interface, with tools to see exactly what has been recorded and when.

Inspect Quality – get an instant snapshot of network quality with colour coded bands of defectiveness. Why wait six months for data to be delivered before making decisions?

ReGen can be configured for any survey type and is UKPMS accredited.